Isnin, 4 Julai 2011

makanan d UIA :))

Tom Yam, Rm3.50. sedaap.!
ni ABC special. RM2.30, sgt berbaloi. ade ice cream kat layer atas
chicken chop! RM6, amat.amat.amat berbaloi. ( makan sebulan sekali je lahh)

lamb chop. rm7. sedap tapi banyak tulang
my favourite! mee bandung. rm2.50. penuh mangkuk. pedass, sedap, xrugi beli :))

=.='' sunday..

hallu my buddyBlog! long time no see. huh. its been a quite tough for last couple of weeks. huh. mcm culture shock pun ade. especially when lecture Lawsoc (law and society) teaching. pehh.
she juz speak infront of us, though, we try to catch up what she explained to us and write a note at the same tym. it is a huge different from my study during secondary school. yeah!
Lawsoc is a tough subject, it was not easy as history, or even sejarah form 5. huh. it was very difficult to understand certain words used in lawsoc. it was english, but a very high class english. so, 2 dictionary will be always with me when study Lawsoc. 1st is english thesaurus. 2nd law dictionary(6th edition). not to forget also

ok2. i want to show a new expensive thing that i buy juz now when i hang out at BB.

this particular chopstick cost rm20

okay guys, i've been fooled by the chinesse guy. da*n..
**************** ************* ************
masa jalan2 on the way mahu ke pavilion, kami disapa oleh sekumpulan org cina dengan muka yg amat ceria dan penuh harapan. mereka menyapa kami bertiga, aku, sufi, n Aripp. kami pun menyahut.

org tu : hello brother
me : hai
org tu: how ar u? could u please complete this form?
me : ok.. *write my name, adress, n so on
org tu : whre u come from?
me : kelantan.
org tu : woah * with a pffffttt face. i'm also from klantan, gua musang.
me : ouh, me at plake kubo.
org tu : ouh. but my family already move here at kl for last 16 years.
me: * so what?
org tu : bro, could u please help me with buying this item? * showing me a pencil, and small teddy.
me : o yeah? how much it cost?
org tu : rm60 and rm50
me : *what the *** the cheapest?
org tu : rm20. * shows me the chopstick
me : * omg
org tu : *merayu2 sampai la ak terkesima dan menyampah, lalu membelinya. ayat dia yg xbole bla, * tolong la bang, sama2 org kampung. huh
me :* pay for that su** chopstick
org tu : thanks a lot!
me : ok * feeling so da**

ak pun gerak ke pavi dgn penuh kecewa dan penuh dgn pfffftttt. huhh. ak n aripp kene kencing rm20 while sufi rm50. chill je la kan. terus ktaorg xjadi nak tengok transformer. fuuhhh.. saba2.
sume yg berlaku itu pasti tersingkap hikmah d sebaliknya.. sob2

Sabtu, 18 Jun 2011

"enjoy every single minute in your life because next minute is a suprise"

o yeah. am i enjoying every single minute? yes. because i still awake at this time. the clock shows 1.52 a.m here at Malaysia :) at this time, my mahallah is very noisy.hurm.. there are students playing futsal down there. it is ridiculous for them to play at this time until suboh.. and it is their culture and habit here at IIUM. my friend said that they will play until azan suboh, they consider that azan suboh just like azan maghrib where it is the full time for them to stop playing. o yeah! its so weird right? but. i hope that i'll not be like them...
on the other hand, they will play until 2 am if there is a kuliyah in the morning.
its obvious to say that it is their way to show that they are enjoying every single minute. :))

i just finish copying my English note that i wrote in the class last 2 days into my new exercise book. our English teacher is Madam Beena! she is very smart. i like her styleteaching us. she always asking the studnets why we are repeating the same mistake when writing an essay. so, we have no answer for it yet. one more question that she repeat is. " how many years have you learn English? 10 years right? " answering 'yes' and look each other.hahaha . but, i like her teaching style. she told us our the mistake in grammar one by one and makes me enjoy to learn with her.otherwise, she teach us basic grammar in our first class with her.. instead of teaching basic, she was asking " we are learning(subject verb agreement), the technique you all suppose to learn since primary school, are you shameless for learning basic grammar in university? "
we just smile at her when she ask that question :) *i felt stupid for that question..
but, sincerely i take it as a challenge for me to study hard and get exempted in this semester. inshaAllah.
mdm Beena, i hope you can guide me towards my goal!

Rabu, 15 Jun 2011

my schedule for 1st sem :D

alhamdulillah. my schedule was completed. its look quite pack and busy. i will have classes for every everning. such not a good thing for me. its beyond my expectation. but everything happens for a reason, no doubt about it. for sure, 1st year student that got level 5 (EPT) and level 1 (APT) will have more contact hour for english and arabic. i'll gonna have 9 hours per week for english and obiously 12 hour per week for arabic. haha. its like a person who have their 'persedian' to fly.. but, its my oppurtunity to master those language. :) inshaAllah

Ahad, 12 Jun 2011

The clock is shows 1.03 am, but i still awake.. maybe because i had over slept last morning..
so, kelanta lose the FA cup trophy. its was an enjoyable moment to gather at mahallah and watch a football match together with all the brothers. even some of us were not supporting the same team.. as a kelantanesse, i accept the fate that we could not claim the title for this this year.

we have watch KL Gangster at midvelly yesterday. it was such an action movies that the rating was approaching 5 stars. i am very glad that 'made in malaysia' movies have improve very well. yes, its start from Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa that have put a high rating for malaysian movie. credits for the director Syamsul Yusof.

another saturday was filled at top KL mega mall that was Midvelley.actually, it was not far from CFS, juz take a bus and pay RM 1.90, then, after 15 minutes, we'll be there.. our mission to midvelly is to watch KL gangster.. alhamdulillah i could manage my money to avoid over spend. juz because my mama called me and warned me to spend money wisely. thanks mama :)

FREE! it was the statement that i fed up nowadays. why? because law students are free without any programme or activites. ou man, we just sleep in the morning, playing PES11 in the afternoon, playing Uncomfortable football during evening n facing lappy until late nite. it was my rutine for last 3 days and fortunately until next wednesday. yeah. its sounds cool but stupid.
my friends at Uitm n Um already attend their lecture, but me? still goyang-goyang kaki here at room 219 mahallah aisyah :(

this is the factor why we could not start our lecture. our groupings and time table has not finish yet. so, it is not fair to blame the Department of Laws. like madam Fiz Fairuz said, it is not because they are not doing their works, but the problem was 'System Down' occur at the department. yes. it is not my business. so, forget about it.

CHEAP! alhamdulillah, the food price here at IIUM especially at Mahallah ABC is very cheap and SEDAP SANGAT! i went for my dinner and i order Mee Hailam. pergh! it is juz rm 2.50. sedap + banyak lauk + byk mee + bowl yg cantikk..
here are some pictures :

ni yg lepas dibaham :D agak xberape kemas

abc with ice cream 'cottek' only at rm2.30

Selasa, 7 Jun 2011

Ta'aaruf Programme~! 1,1,1,2, the best :D

it is all about knowing each other. Ta'arus Programme 2011/2012 intake was held for a new IIUM students. i've know about it before i step in into IIUM campus.

30th May 2011 was a history in my life, at 9 am, i've been successfully become one of IIUM students. so, here for the first week, we gonna have orientasi programme that was called Ta'aruf Programme here at IIUM. for me, Ta'aruf means suai kenal. :D

i was placed in Mahallah Aishyah that is at the edge of the campus, i'm very sad at first but i take it as a challenge for me to drop my weight.hehehe. juz an inspiration for myself. so, i was the first person to check in into room 219. there is 4 double decker bed inside our room. so, my roomate wass. jeng.jeng,jeng. Asyraf, Amirul, Faiz, Iqbal n Piyan. no one of them come from kelantan, i was expected to have one kelantanesse in my room at first.hahah, but its ok, they were very kind and sporting guys. these two picture is my mahallah, its look like a
resort outside. ;D

our Ta'aruf is handle by abang2 n kakak2 committe, they are very kind. alhamdulillah, there is no bully or ragging junior here. we are very lucky to have this kind of culture. our ta'aruf week was very steady, even i can play Pes11 at night, the time table was not very pack. one thing that i always remember about ta'aruf is gathering at the field in the morning to read Ma'surat everyday. huh, its was a great feeling. oh ya, our batch for this intake is around 3000 ++. so, it was impossible to gather all of us in the Al-Malik Faisal hall.

Ta'aruf programme was filled by a lot of breifing. and exam. 1st day of ta'aruf was the EPT, APT and FRK. EPT stands for English Placement Test, fuhh. the question was very challenge, but alhamdulillah i manage to get level 5 instead of getting level 4 as i was expected before. APT is Arabic Placement Test, it was very hard because i did not have a solid basic for arabic. so, i got level 1 for the test. FRK is something like Fardhu Ain, the question about Islamic Knowledge. it was very weird to answer Islamic question in English. I didnt know the istilah in English :(

Here at IIUM, everyone is speaking in English. Even the Ustaz2 n Ustazah2. hahaha, i did not expect that the Ustaz with the kopiah and ustazah with the tudung labuh to give us briefing 100% in English. so, i should learn to speak in english with all the IIUM community. thats why i try to write my blog in english ^_^ even my English was not very good.

last but not least, our dresscode here is the formal one. we are wearing baju kemeja with seluar slack to attend the lecture. its look skema right? but it shows our dicipline here.hehehe. for law student, we are require to wear baju kemeja putih, slack hitam n necktie on every tuesday. the point is to follow the dresscode at the Court. but, its look very smart :D

here are some pictures during our Ta'aruf programme..